2019 Italian Skeet Shooting Championship: Simeone becomes National Champion in the Eccellenza class!

22-09-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The summer season ended with the finals of the Italian Trap and Skeet Championships at Trap Concaverde in Lonato del Garda. The Brescia based shooting range platform has seen several shooters using our chokes, either achieve a place for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or wear a new medal around their neck in recent months: among them, Domenico Simeone, who was the last one only in order of qualification awarding, and managed to become Skeet National Champion in the Eccellenza class (ed. the highest one of the Italian Shooting Federation)!

About three hundred athletes who gathered so as to win the coveted titles of the two disciplines which, for the very first time, were conferred simultaneously on the same field. As for skeet, Simeone was the protagonist of a very high level final. With dorsal number three, the Italian Police Sports Body athlete hailing from Baia e Latina (province of Caserta - CE) measured swords against Luigi Lodde the service man, who recently became World Champion in Lathi so as to reach the top step of the podium. Yet the title of the rival did not overwave Simeone who, with an almost perfect 58 out of 60, succeeded in defeating his opponent, native of Orzieri, by two targets of advantage over the latter, thus attaining the tricouloured achievement.

A further medal besides the golden ones gained at the 2013 World Junior Championships, the 2013 European Junior Championships as well as the 2015/2016 National Championships. An “amazing” and steadily improving path performed by Domenico, who is moreover going to represent Italy in the mixed team at the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We congratulate the newly awarded tricoulour champion and break a leg as for your athletic training!

2019 European Clay-Pigeon Championship : Jakub Tomeček wins the European Champion title

16-09-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

On the platforms at the Trap Concaverde shooting range in Lonato del Garda Jakub Tomecek was crowned as the “2019 European Champion” in Men’s Skeet. The Czech athlete employing Gemini chokes, emerged victorious in the struggle which inflamed the spectators at the facility in Brescia on a windy September Saturday.

A long and balanced final saw the six best athletes fight, as these latter, one clay after another, left all the shooting enthusiasts onlooking such an important moment with bated breath. Tomeček, standing on the platform with dorsal number 2, had a tough time while enduing the climb to the gold medal. Along his path he bumped into the skilled out Tammaro Cassandro, newly awarded with the World Vice-Champion Title and ready to confirm his position at the apex of skeet shooting. The two, after a 56 out of 60 traditional clay targets series, faced-off in a breathtaking shoot-off. As a result of such a fight to the bitter end the Czech athlete came out on top, defeating his Italian competitor by one point ahead (12-11).

Also Nikolaos Mavrommatis exulted in the victory (45 out of 50), as by ranking third, he reached the pass to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Eric Delaunay (34 out of 40), a French shooter using our chokes, got to the bottom step of the podium. Lastly, it is important to underline the spotless qualification of Emmanuel Petit (FRA): with a 125 out of 125 score he managed to equal the World and European record.

It was a hectic afternoon for our Jakub peaked with a huge satisfaction: a gold medal around his neck and the European highest title. Champ, relish this moment: we are glad that you have become part of the family of shooters relying on us!

2019 European Clay-Pigeon Championship: Danka Bartekova confirms her position as European Champion in Women’s Skeet

16-09-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

A year passed since the 2018 European Championship in Leobersdorf yet the result is still the same: Danka Bartekova gets again to the top step of the podium reconfirming her position as European Champion in Women’s Skeet.

On the platforms at the Trap Concaverde shooting range in Lonato del Garda, the Slovak athlete achieved a performance bordering on perfection. After the very long tie-break during the preliminary phase, Barteková obtained access to the final phase with dorsal number 3. A final that saw six high level athletes face off, among whom we also recall our shooters Diana Bacosi and Barbora Sumova. The athlete hailing from Trencin (SVK) attained the victory with a 56 out of 60 hit targets outcome, always in the lead of the competition. The Cypriot Andri Eleftheriou’s snatch for her first place was unsuccessful, as the latter ranked the second by just one clay pigeon (55/60).

A final which brought us a double satisfaction also for the result of Barbora Sumova, an athlete of the Czech Republic employing Gemini chokes, who reached the third step of the podium. Thanks to an excellent 42 out of 50, Sumova managed to win the bronze medal and sealed the pass to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Unfortunately, Italy missed the chance to gain a medal: Bacosi classified fourth in the competition while Chiara Cainero couldn’t advance to the final for merely one clay target less.

The Slovak anthem resonates and a new gold medal is added to the collection of Bartekova, following the continental achievements in Nicosia (2008), Kazan (2010) and Leobersdorf (2018). Congratulations Danka and Barbora for the medals you won: we are glad you have joined our family!

2019 European Clay-target shooting Championship: at Lonato del Garda Jiri Liptak attains the gold medal, sealing the pass to the Olympics

10-09-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The Trap Men final of the European Clay pigeon shooting Championship ended in the best way for Jiri Liptak, a Czech Republic athlete who employs Gemini chokes. At the field in Lonato del Garda, our shooter got to te top step of the podium reaching the European Champion title as well as the access to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Despite a hard qualification because of the weather conditions, Liptak managed to achieve the final phase. Aware of the opportunity of opening the door towards the next Olympics, the Czech athlete was able to regain concentration after a not so satisfactory start and to grab the victory with an excellent 46 out of 50. - “I knew this was one of the last chances to get a place for Tokyo and many people expected such result. Luckily I handled the pressure outstandingly: I won the European Champion title and sealed the pass!” - here are the words of Liptak at the end of the competition, enthusiastic over the aims achieved.

Aaron Heading (GBR) also stepped onto the podium, as he ranked the second thaks to a 44 out of 50, awarding him with a further place. Conversely the third position was attained by the Italian policeman from Taranto Mauro De Filippis, who, after an excellent beginning committed two consecutive mistakes, preventing him awith advancing to the Olympics.

With this achievement Liptak completes his collection of medals obtained throughout several European Championships. Besides the two bronze medals of the past a further gold one worthing much more than a victory: the possibility of competing in the Olympics is a dream for many. An aspiration that the Czech shooter is going to experience first-hand in a year's time, when he will be stading on the shooting paltforms in Tokyo. Congratulations Jiri for the results reaped: we are glad you have become part of the family of shooters using Gemini chokes.

2019 Green Cup: Giulio Fioravanti wins the skeet shooting gold medal

02-09-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The ninth edition of the Green Cup ends in the best possible way for Giulio Fioravanti, the athlete who has recently joined the Gemini family.

On the Umbrian platform at Massa Martana (Perugia), the roman athlete belonging to the Carabinieri Arm Sports Group has gained access to the final phase boasting an excellent 122 out of 125+4, ranking behind a brilliant Daniele Resca, who qualified with a flawless 125 out of 125. Eager for victory, Fioravanti happened to compete against his rivals till the last clay target, nevertheless managing to get to the top spot of the podium since he achieved a 44 out of 50 as for the last series.
An attainment which is no trivial matter, given the athletes who stepped onto the podium with him: Abdul Ramman Al Faihan (second with 42 out of 50), shooter who represented Kuwait at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games and Matthew Coward Holley (bronze medallist with 34 out of 40), the athlete showing-off his newly awarded world champion title achieved at Lonato del Garda, who uses Gemini chokes.

Yet this is not the only positive result for the twenty-eight-year-old Roman: the national selection formed by Oronzo Rochira, Riccardo Faccani and the same Giulio Fioravanti reached the first place in the team standings ahead of the Australian-British mixed (Willet, Coward Holley, Scott) as well as of the other one, consisting of exclusively Italian atheltes (Resca, Frasca and Fabbrizi).

A weekend that will go down in history for our Giulio! We are glad that he too has become part of the large family of shooters using Gemini chokes.