David Kostelecký triumphs in the Eccellenza class of Gran Mondiale Perazzi 2019

21-07-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Another achievement for David Kostelecky! After the golden medal awarded at the Minsk European Games, the Czech shooter ranked first in the Eccellenza class (ed. the highest one of the Italian Shooting Federation) of the Trapshooting Gran Mondiale Perazzi, which was held at Trap Concaverde range in Lonato del Garda.
The eighth edition of the event, has seen 648 shooters of various nationalities confronting each other during the three days of competition. A number that is growing year by year given the importance and quality of the contenders, thus compelling the organizers to close the registrations in advance.

As for the “Gran Mondiale” our shooter, after a two hundred qualification round, he managed to enter the finals held on Sunday, July 21 yet with a sixth place finish. The competition was won by the French Antonin Desert, who prevailed over the Spaniard Alberto Fernandez and our compatriot Alessandro Chianese.
An outcome that leaves no room for regret: at any rate Kostelecky was awarded title of best shooter over the three days in the Ecellenza class, thence receiving a Perazzi High Tech shotgun!

Another excellent accomplishment for our Olympic champion towards Tokyo 2020! We are glad David is part of the family of shooters using Gemini chokes.

2019 World Trapshooting Championships in Lonato Del Garda: Matthew Coward-Holley is crowned World Champion!

04-07-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Matthew Coward-Holley, a young shooter using our chokes, achieved the World Trapshooting Championship title! That’s the result of the Trap final held in Lonato del Garda (province of Brescia), the place that saw the British athlete reach one more outstanding performance and the awarding of his first gold medal in a world competition.

Despite a not too promising start, missing four out of seven clay targets, Coward-Holley managed to close the score gap then finding himself facing the Italian Mauro De Filippis in the final round. A duel that required the athletes further concentration and perseverance, also due to the strong wind that lashed in the platform. Eventually our British shooter, who had been being trained by the Italian Diego Gasperini, scored 45 out of 50, leading the athlete from Taranto by 6 clay-pingeons.
Rounding out the podium was the Kuwaiti athlete Khaled Almudhaf (33/40).

After the silver medal clinched at the ISSF Changwon World Cup and the consequent qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this victory is proof that for Matt, the hard work and the desire to improve are two really important aspects of his path.
Congratulations from us for such result: happy to be by your side during these moments!

2019 World Trapshooting Championships in Lonato Del Garda: Matias Koivu earns the silver medal

04-07-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Matias Koivu, a Finnish shooter born in 1999 using our chokes, ranked second in the Trap Men Junior Final held in Lonato del Garda (province of Brescia) World Trapshooting Championships.

After leading the competition for a long time, Koivu found himself in trouble during the final phase hitting only four clay targets out of the last ten ones, thus favouring the come back and overtaking by the Brazilian Leonardo Lustoza; the latter managed to climb onto the top step of the podium attaining a score of 45 out of 50, compared to the final score of 42 out of 50 of our Finnish shooter.
The bronze medal was won by the Slovenian Rene Macek (36/40).

We are glad that Matias has obtained this medal, despite the regret for the missed opportunity … don't give up, it's a long way up and you will have manifold chances to turn the tables!

2019 World Trapshooting Championships in Lonato Del Garda: Zina Hrdlickova wins a bronze medal in the Junior category

03-07-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

What a great deal of satisfaction in this second day of competition! After the gold and the silver medals respectively achieved by Matthew Coward-Holley and Matias Koivu, the bronze one was awarded to the trap shooter (Junior category) Zina Hrdlickova, a young shooter from the Czech Republic who uses Gemini chokes.

The athlete ranked third with a score of 32 out of 40, thence gaining the first medal for her nation. Selin Ali (from Bulgaria) triumphed in the final, getting into a shoot-off against Tatiana Saranskaia (from Russia) and winning the tie-break 2-1.

After grabbing this excellent achievement, Zina will be competing in the junior mixed team championships together with her fellow countryman Fabio Beccari on the next 4 July. Break a leg!

The young athlete with her fellow countryman David Kostelecký

David Kostelecky wins the skeet shooting gold medal and flies to Tokyo 2020!

25-06-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

At the 2019 European Games in Minsk, David Kostelecky pervailed in the skeet shooting final thus climbing onto the top step of the podium as well as achieving the qualification for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Czech shooter, Olympic champion at the 2008 Beijing Games, took home the victory after a challenge to the death against the Italian Valerio Graziani. Despite the third place in the qualification (119+2/125), Kostelecky believed in it to the end: in the final phase he concluded with an excellent 44 out of 50, which allowed him to be awarded with the gold medal and establish the record of the event. On the other hand a bitter second place for Graziani, who saw his participation in the next Olympics fading away for just two missed targets.

On this occasion David Kostelecky chose to use the new Titanium chokes, recently available in the catalogue, stating to be "really satisfied" with them.

With this victory the athlete from the Czech Republic joins the shooters using Gemini chokes and who have already qualified for the Olympics: Diana Bacosi (ITA), Chiara Cainero (ITA) and Matt Coward-Holley (GBR). Gemini is ready to support David and all of its athletes at Tokyo 2020!

Skeet shooting: Onofre Notebaert ranks second and flies to Italy

20-05-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

A successful start of the year for our Belgian athlete Onofre Notebaert, a shooter using Gemini chokes since March 2019: after his victory at IJSSC Bad Neuenahr and the ITM Wiesbaden silver medal, an excellent second place was reached at VSK Competition Double Trap.

Onofre qualified for the final with a score of 121 out of 125 then concluding the competition with a 146 clay targets hit behind the 153 of Budts Luc, thence climbing onto the second step of the podium.

Our Belgian shooter boasts a fascinating story: a passion developed following his father and brother which is leading to outstanding results and manifold victories. What’s the secret of such achievements? Training and concentration are the strong points of Notebaert, who prepares himself for competitions with perseverance, often changing field and trying to never give up in the most challenging moments.

Even we at Gemini contribute to his performance: thanks to his skill and our choke tubes the athlete is touching peaks that he himself deemed as unattainable.

Keep it up, we'll be waiting for you at the Skeet shooting Field in Lonato for the final!

Skeet shooting: Matt Coward-Holley ranks second thus achieving the qualification for Tokyo 2020

16-05-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The skeet shooting final held in Changwon ended in the best way for Matt Coward-Holley: the Briton, who uses our choke tubes for his shotguns, climbed onto the second step of the podium thence gaining the Olympics pass for Great Britain.

The athlete ended the final with a 45 out of 50 clay targets hit score, equalizing the one obtained by the Cypriot Andreas Makri. However, in the shoot-off our shooter was beaten 6-5.
Both athletes have thus conquered the last remaining qualification places for Tokyo Olympics.
No skeet shooting discipline pass for Italians led by their head coach Albano Pera, who never managed to be competitive and was in difficulty since the second series.

Despite the Italian athlete’s performance we are glad for the result attained by Coward-Holley, which adds to the excellent performance of Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero. Gemini is ready to support its athletes at Tokyo 2020!

Clay target shooting: Bacosi and Cainero were awaerded Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards (OIAC)

13-05-2019 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero have gained the passes for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games ISSF World Cup third round. The two athletes ranked respectively second and third, defeated only by the American Rhode. The two shooters, who chose the Gemini chokes, fought till the end.

Bacosi, gold medalist at Rio 2016, qualified for the final round with an outstanding 123/125 then surrendering to the U.S.A. opponent with a score of 54/60 to 57/60. However, she attained the goal she had set during the interview she gave us during the last month of April (click here to read the interview and find out which Gemini chokes she uses).

Equally remarkable was the performance of Cainero, the Carabinieri Arm Sports Friulan athlete, who after qualifying with 120/125+2, reached the third position with a score of 44 out of 50.

Hence the two Italian athletes have brought to 6 out of 21, the number of the qualified clay target shooters for the next Olympics. Congratulations to Diana and Chiara for their excellent result: we are proud to by their side in such an important moment!