Clay target shooting, President Cup (Cyprus): it’s a medal deluge for Gemini!

27-10-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The contest changes, however the outcome is always the same: victory! At the Larnaka Olympic Shooting Range in Cyprus, the best shooters in the trap and skeet world ranking vied for the Golden Target in what were once the World Cup Finals. Among the participating athletes, an important slice of dorsals was assigned to the shooters who rely on our chokes, an evidence that the best athletes at the international level choose Gemini. First things first let’s trace the course of the finals which took place between Saturday and Sunday.

As for the trap men competition, David Kostelecký and Jiří Lipták (the first hitting 31 targets, and the second 29) managed to seal a double success for Czech Republic, repeating the feat achieved at the Tokyo edition of the Games but with the opposite position compared to the previous standings. Ahead of these latter Matthew Coward-Holley (hitting 21 targets), already awarded with a bronze medal in the Five Circles Games final.
In the mixed team event David Kostelecký got anew to the top step of the podium, paired off with the US athlete Madelynn Ann Bernau. The duo formed by Antonin Desert, a French athlete who has been using our chokes for a long time, and Jana Spotakova placed third.

With respect to the skeet men competition the performance of Tammaro Cassandro, the Carabinieri Arms Officer hailing from Capua who won bronze deserves to be emphasized (hitting 22 targets).
Diana Bacosi and Danka Barteková stood on the shooting platforms of the female event. The Italian newly awarded with a gold medal at the Olympics, yet didn’t go into the final heat as a result of the manifold violations during a performance ended in few broken targets. On the other hand the Slovakian finished second and gained the silver medal (hitting 32 targets).
Both athletes competed in the mixed and stepped onto the podium. Our Diana paired off with the Kuwaiti Abdullah Alrashidi and craving for a redress in addition to a chanche to make up for the defeat suffered, attained the third position, finishing third in a tie with the French Éric Delaunay and Zoya Kravchenko.The silver went to the Czech Danka and hear teammate Jesper Hansen.  

Our athletes say goodbye to Cyprus with numerous medals around their necks. We are happy that you belong to our big Family as well as to have made our mark on what from the very beginning proved to be a thrilling contest because of the qualitative level of the challenges… and at the same time a successful one for Gemini shooters! 

World Junior Championship (Lima): Sekhon, Bongini, and Ghilli podium finishes!

07-10-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Gemini shines bright again, even among the younger ones! After the Olympic experience in Tokyo, the competitions continue in 2021, a year that's proving to be one full of achievements for our shooters. In fact, the Junior World Trap and Skeet Championships are being held in Lima these days, where the new generation has the opportunity to show off. 

An opportunity certainly seized by Ganemat Sekhon and Sara Bongini in the women's skeet and Christian Ghilli in the men's, immediately on the podium in the individual rounds. For Ganemat the silver arrived while for Sara the bronze after a really hard-fought final. The Indian (110 out of 125) lost in the play-off to American Alishia Layne (115 out of 125) after both had entered the final with 46 points. Equally excellent was the performance of our Azzurra, who arrived in the final phase on second position thanks to the 113 out of 125 achieved in the five qualifying series and then deserving the third place with 35 out of 50.
In the men's round, Christian Ghilli was no less: he entered the final as third, then confirmed the position conquered by realizing an overall score of 42 out of 50.

Our congratulations go to Ganemat, Sara, and Christian for the excellent performances: happy to have you in our Family which, on every occasion, always knows how to distinguish itself with excellent results. We wish you the best of luck for your sports career!

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: Alberto Fernandez Muñoz wins trap mixed team gold

03-08-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Spain achieves its first ever trap mixed team gold at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020! Alberto Fernandez Muñoz, the shooter relying on our chokes, who paired off with Fátima Gálvez, managed to climb onto the trap mixed team podium top step. 

What a heart-pounding final at the Asaka Shooting Range! After passing the qualification round having an equal score with many other teams the Spanish fellow athletes were able to rise to the lead hitting 99 targets out of 100 thus reaching the medal match against the San Marino opponents at their best. The round awarding the title resulted in a thrilling head-to-head between the two national teams: successful shots along with a few slip-ups on both sides made it exciting until the last clay pigeon! It’s no small feat to wear a gold medal around your neck, however the experience gained by Alberto (24/25) and Fátima (17/25) over time allowed them to win the challenge and clinch the title of Olympic champions!
Our warmest compliments also to the pair of San Marino, whose silver medal will remain etched in our memories, as well as to the Americans Madelynn Ann Bernau and Brian Burrows, who placed third defeating Slovakia which took to the field our Erik Varga with his teammate Zuzana Rehak Stefecekova. 

One more accomplishment for Alberto Fernandez Muñoz in this 2021, attained after his seventh title of Spain Trapshooting National Champion, and obviously also for Gemini sports crew which reaches the summit of the world yet again. Heartfelt congratulations to you Alberto, we are proud to be by your side and that you belong to our family!  

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: Liptak, Kostelecky and Coward-Holley climb onto the trap men's podium

30-07-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Three names along with one and only choke manufacturer stand out at the Asaka Shooting Final Range: Jiří Lipták, David Kostelecký, Matthew Coward-Holley along with Gemini Chokes! In the men's trap competition a great deal of emotion felt by all the athletes and manifold satisfactions.  

A challenge switching between broken targets and lots of slip-ups. Until the last minute, such a see-sawing pace has thus prevented even the most experienced from making predictions about the possible winner. It is precisely in this atmosphere of uncertainty that Lipták, Kostelecký and Coward-Holley, shooters who rely on our chokes, managed to emerge competing for the top placements. The Czech teammates have been vying for the first two steps of the podium: after the last series of clay targets resulting in a 43 out of 50 tied score Lipták won out, achieving his very first five-ringed medal, while Kostelecký attains silver which is added to the gold previously reached at the Beijing 2008 Olympics. We allow ourselves to nicely say “share and share alike”... well done guys!
Moreover good things come in threes! The bronze medal was gained by the Briton Matthew Coward-Holley, who proved particularly skilled in countering the shots of the Mexican Jorge Martin Orozco and not giving up in the trying moments, finishing with a score of 33 out of 40.

After Diana Bacosi's silver in skeet, Gemini gets one more time onto the podium: not with one not two but even with three athletes! Our heartiest congratulations to Jiri, David and Matthew, we are happy that you belong to our big family, which yet again is making its mark and much more besides in the current Olympics edition!

Tokyo Olympic Games 2020: Diana Bacosi wins skeet silver!

27-07-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

A further target hit! An extraordinary Diana Bacosi achieves the silver medal in the women's skeet final, stepping onto the Olympic podium one more time after the gold she attained at Rio 2016. 

Concentration is the outstanding feature of Diana’s performance throughout the final phase. It is evident in her attitudes, always holding herself aloof from the competitors, examining the platform as thoroughly as she can so as to gather its secrets, meanwhile steadily keeping a watchful eye on her opponents. A shooting elimination round full of suspense. After attaining the head-to-head matchup against Amber English, the athlete relying on Gemini chokes finishes breaking 55 clay pigeons out of 60, thus seeing the Olympic top placement slip through her fingers by one single point. However the dreamlike challenge experienced by the 38-year-old hailing from Città della Pieve does not vanish as yet again she climbs onto the second step of the podium of this international sports event.
The Chinese Meng Wei rounds it out, placing third and carving her name into the annals of history for setting the new world record with 124 out of 125 targets hit in the qualification round. 

After her success and wrapped in the tricolour flag, aware of having achieved a splendid feat anew as well as of gifting the Italian people with joy, the latter following the events revolving around skeet shooting with increasing interest, Diana loosens up smiling and hugging her friend Chiara Cainero, who takes a beating sticking with a score of 114. 

“I have been craving for gold, I gave my best and I grasped a silver medal after all, so I wouldn't have it any other way!” – were the athlete’s first words after the competition. - “I managed to keep up with my performance and I ultimately lost by one single target: it may happen when it comes to sports. I want to dedicate this medal to all Italians, for the extremely trying year we have gone through, which we still were able to overcome!”.

We are proud of you Diana, first and foremost as you are an athlete wearing the Italian blue vest and also because the Gemini crew got the chance to stand on the podium by your side. Thanks for giving us this emotion, we are happy that you belong to our family!  

ISSF World Cup (Osijek): Gemini wins three podium placements in the Trap team finals!

05-07-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

After the achievements in skeet, the winning streak continues also in the trap for shooters relying on Gemini. The team finals of this World Cup leg open the last competition day of these challenging weeks that have seen Osijek (Croatia) host the internationally top-ranked shooters before the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. France stands out in the men event while Great Britain in the women one, however many athletes provided with our chokes climb the podium.

As for men a first place bearing all the hallmarks of Gemini with Antonin Desert, Clement Borgue and Sebastien Guerrero. The French trio defeats the Czech Republic 6-4 as well as the "sports crew fellows using the same chokes" David Kostelecky and Jiri Liptak thanks to Pavel Vanek. On the other hand, the British team, led by our Matthew John Coward-Holley, gets beaten by Croatia 6-2 thus missing the podium by inches. 

With regard to women's competition, the performance of our budding Czech athlete Zina Hrdlicova is noteworthy. With Tereza Zaviskova and Lea Kucerova, the team finishes the final third beating Slovakia by a neat 6-0. Great Britain, which manages to prevail over Russia by 6-4, gets to the highest step of the podium.

Congratulations to all of our athletes for the results obtained, we are happy that you belong to our family which anew showed off gaining the top placements! This second stage of the World Cup is coming to an end with Friday's mixed trap event. Next stop? Tokyo Olympics … Gemini is galvanized and once again ready to shore up the several athletes achieving a qualifying place to compete at the Five Rings Games. The countdown has begun!    

ISSF World Cup (Osijek): Hector Flores-Crovetto win gold and Bacosi wins bronze in the skeet mixed team event

29-06-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The fourth leg of the Skeet World Cup held in Osijek (Croatia) this week ended with the mixed team competition. Just as in the individual and team contests, the shooters supported by Gemini did not miss the medal. Francisca Crovetto Chadid along with Hector Andres Flores Barahona for Chile and Diana Bacosi for Italy stood on the podium.

Eighteen teams from twelve different countries competed for the most important medals. Amazingly, the competition was finally won by the Chilean duo including Hector Andres Flores Barahona and Francisca Crovetto Chadid, ranking first by only one target ahead of the Ukrainian team. It was a deep satisfaction for Francisca, who achieved her second medal in this stage and thanks to the silver one won in the previous individual challenge, is going to fly to Tokyo to represent her country. 

Moreover Italy conquered a further podium placement, as the duo formed by Diana Bacosi and Gabriele Rossetti managed to reach the third position in the standings. After hitting 143 targets out of 150 in the qualification round the already crowned champion at Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Fiamme Oro Italian Police athlete prevailed over the Czech Republic team by the score of 36 to 33, the latter also fielding two shooters relying on Gemini chokes, namely Barbora Sumova and Jakub Tomecek.

Conversely the pair of Chiara Cainero and Tammaro Cassandro missed the podium fininshing with a score of 141 out of 150 and thus making do with the seventh absolute palcement. However they both, came back to Italy with the medals won in team skeet contest and the gold obtained in the individual competition by Cassandro.

The last international skeet event before the Tokyo Olympic Games ends just as it began: Gemini shooters climbing the podium and much satisfaction. Our most heartfelt congratulations to Francisca, Hector Andres, Diana and all the athletes standing out in these days!
Now it’s up to the Trapshooting professionals to stand on the Croatian platforms.

ISSF World Cup (Osijek): seven Gemini shooters step onto the podium in the team skeet event

28-06-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Again medals for the athletes relying on Gemini chokes in the Skeet World Cup which is taking place in Osijek (Croatia). On the third day of competitions at the Pampas Shooting Range, several shooters stood out on the fields, achieving further excellent results. Two lands always succeeded in climbing the podium and we were by their side: Italy with Diana Bacosi, Chiara Cainero, Tammaro Cassandro and Domenico Simeone as well as Czech Republic with Jakub Tomecek, Barbora Sumova and Anna Sinderalova. 

As for men's skeet Mameli's anthem echoed thanks to the trio including Tammaro Cassandro, Gabriele Rossetti and Domenico Simeone. After prevailing in the extremely long qualification round which saw them hit an excellent 510 out of 525, the Italian athletes further proved their supremacy in the medal match awarding the top of the podium, thus ending in a stunning score of 6 to 4. The Czech Republic team happened to bear the brunt of it and Jakub Tomecek, equipped with the same chokes used by his Gemini chokes “fellows” Cassandro and Simeone, who managed to show-off his skills as he tried to rise to the strenuously coveted lead, could do nothing but making do with a respectable silver medal.

As to women contest the performance of Diana Bacosi, Chiara Cainero and Chiara Di Marziantonio was equally stunning. The first two shooters aimed to make up for the poor outcomes they incurred in the individual competitions. After reaching the medal match with a score of 480 out of 525, namely the second-highest score in the qualification round, they faced the Russian team in the closing moments. A competition which turned out to be fiercely challenging for both the teams, with weather conditions that mirrored the fervent atmosphere in which the opponents were put to the test. Eventually the contest awarded an excellent silver medal to the Italian athletes, defeated by the score of 7 to 3 in the medal match. The third place of the Czech Republic is also noteworthy, as the shooters Barbora Sumova and Anna Sindelarova overpowered France by the score of 6-0 thus conquering the bronze medal. 

In a nutshell, two Gemini sports crew podiums and seven award-winning shooters! There’s not much more to add, but the deep pleasure to see our athletes  steadily satisfied and winning thanks also to the support of our chokes.
Each of you set a high bar with your latest achievements, we are glad that you belong to our family!  

ISSF World Cup (Osijek): Cassandro wins gold and e Crovetto Chadid wins silver in the skeet event

27-06-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The second stage of the 2021 Clay Shooting World Cup in Osijek (Croatia) starts in the best way. Two shooters provided with Gemini chokes grab the spotlight in the skeet: in men’s competition thanks to Tammaro Cassandro Mameli's anthem fills the air while as for women Francisca Crovetto Chadid achieves silver which entails much more than a medal. First things first.

On the platforms of the Pampas Shooting Range the qualification round for our Tammaro, already bronze medalist in the first World Cup leg held in Lonato del Garda (Italy) last May, ends in conquering the number 3 dorsal. The Carabinieri Arms Officer hailing from Caserta, well-aware of his own skills, sets the pace from the early moments, those turning out to be crucial and awarding the winner medal. In the final shoot-off he manages to prevail on the Argentine Federico Gil with a score of 2-1, after that they both hit 55 targets out of 60.

“A gold that means so much” – here are the first words of the athlete - “The Olympics are getting closer and closer hence though such an outcome I proved myself to be on the right path. I made a few mistakes, however, I have a plenty of time to commit to the preparation so that I will be well-trained when I arrive in Japan”.

As regards women's skeet the excellent perfomance of Francisca Crovetto Chadid is equally noteworthy. The Chilean ranked second hitting 53 targets yielding only to the Russian Zilia Batyrshina. This result earns the athlete a quota placement to compete at the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which will take place from July, 23 to August, 8.
Conversely the Italian athletes Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero get ousted from the major competitions. The Umbrian reigning Olympic champion finishes fifth while the Friulian places twenty-first. Come on girls, even in difficult circumstances you must not give up!

Anyway, congratulations to all the athletes for their efforts in the competition and for the aims you reached. We are glad to shore you up in the most important moments and to be by your side with our chokes!

2021 European Clay target shooting Championships (Osijek): Zina Hrdlickova wins Junior Trap bronze

07-06-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The individual Junior Trap finals took place on the Osijek platforms. Zina Hrdlickova, a shooter relyng on Gemini chokes, stood out thanks to her excellent performance thus attaining the bronze medal in the Olympic Youth Trap final round. Two years after ranking third at the world championships, the young athlete healing from Brno managed to add a new medal to her collection.

Our shooter endured an uphill opening thus resorting to her best skills, as she was aware of the occurring opportunity. Although ranking sixth in the qualification round and an unpromising start of the competition towards the medal, that saw Zina immediately fall to the last place, the athlete then moved up in the standings breaking one target after another and rising ahead of her opponents. Hence the Czech athlete finished third surrendering only to the British Lucy Charlotte Hall and the Lusitanian Maria Ines Coelho De Barros by the score of 30 out of 40.

The young shooter is still amazed because of the feat she was able to attain. “Perhaps it could have ended even better” – Zina said - “I didn't perform very well neither in my training sessions nor in the qualification round, however in the end I succeeded, with enormous surprise and great satisfaction”.

The daughter of Petr Hrdlicka, crowned champion at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, is increasingly following in her father's footsteps, who is always by her side and ready to shore her up on any competition fields.
Congratulations Zina on your achievement and break a leg for the upcoming competitions. We are happy that such a renowned young athlete is part of our family!

2021 European Clay target shooting Championships (Osijek): Coward-Holley and Liptak rise to the top of the Old Continent

07-06-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Gemini athletes again at the top of the continental competition which is taking place in Osijek these days. Indeed the Olympic trap shooting final was held on the Croatian platforms, which saw the best European shooters take to the field. Among them Matthew Coward-Holley and Jiri Liptak cut a dash attaining a double success and thus getting to the top steps of the podium.  

Right from the start, the British and the Czech showed that they had an edge over the other competitors, so much so that the latter was the only one to break all of the 125 qualification round targets. It was precisely such duo, this time as “rivals” on the field however both relying on our chokes for competitions, to make a spectacle in the closing moments of a truly exciting final. In the end Coward-Holley, the newest continental champion, won out by three targets of advantage, placing first ahead of a though excellent Liptak (47 out of 50 as for gold, 44 out of 50 as for silver).
Importantly Mauro De Filippis ranked third, a score ensuring the number 294 quota placement allocated to Italy to compete at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The British Coward-Holley hence won the third medal (namely a weighty one) in the last month, after those he had earned in the competition hosted by the wonderful Italian country. "Keeping my calm along with the fair chance of training abroad are now paying off as regards the several challenges I am facing," commented the athlete third in the world ranking. 

With that Matthew and Jiri brought Gemini to the Old Continent podium and were added to the list of athletes who are putting themselves in the spotlight during these European Championships. That goes without saying they deserve our most heartfelt congratulations!
Now we must target to the upcoming Olympic Games, where outstanding achievements are expected due to the ability and preparation of both athletes, combined with the effectiveness of our chokes!

2021 European Clay target shooting Championships (Osijek): Chiara Cainero rises to the top of the Old Continent for the sixth time!

29-05-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Fifteen years have already passed since her earlist achievement, still time seems to never go by for Chiara Cainero. In the same way as in 2006, back in the day of her first success in a European competition, the Olympic champion at the 2008 Beijing Games climbed again onto the top step of the podium, thus attaining her sixth continental title on the Osijek platforms. 

The Friulian Carabinieri Arms female athlete, who relies on our chokes, revealed her intentions right from the qualification round, when she got on the pulpit hitting 122 targets out of 125, whcih earned her to seal the pass to the final heat, wearing the number one dorsal. The attempts of her opponents proved to be in vain, as our athlete managed to keep all of them under control thanks to her concetration as well as her excellent aim developed over many years of experience … and victories! Hence breaking 50 targets out of 60 in the final, the Italian shooter won gold palcing ahead of the Russian Zilia Batyrshina and the British Amber Hill, respectively ranking second and third, who deserved a quota placement to compete at the next Tokyo Five-Ringed Games.

Diana Bascosi, another athlete supported by Gemini and Olympic Champion at the 2016 Rio Games, missed the final by only one target consequently finishing eighth with a score of 117 out of 125.

“This is the sixth European title when there are two months left from the Olympics, I would say that the efforts I have been undergoing during my training sessions are now paying off”, Chiara commented with great satisfaction. “On the other hand, it was a tough competition on a field full of challenges: I am gruntled with how I faced it, even because I never gave up”.

It is also noteworthy that our athletes Tammaro Cassandro and Eric Delaunay participated in the men's skeet competition awarding the title, unfortunately placing only fifth and sixth despite the excellent performance boasted in the qualification round. Again the Italian flag stands out thanks to Gabriele Rossetti, who got to the top step of the podium after enduring an extremely thrilling final round.

Anew Italy and Gemini Chokes reached the highest step of the European podium! Importantly on the first day of the European Championships the young Ghilli and Bongini won the continental Junior titles. Our congratulations to Chiara and to her two blooming as well as promising fellows, we are happy that you belong to our sports crew!   

2021 European Clay target shooting Championships (Osijek): in the Skeet Junior Bongini and Ghilli are the newest champions

28-05-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The first competition day of the 2021 European Clay Target Shooting Championships immediately saw Italy and its youth athletes as protagonists. On the platforms of the Pampas Shooting Range in Osijek it was up to the new blood to usher in the competition that will assign the titles of the Old Continent as well as the last quota placements available to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games, which are getting closer.

A promising start for the Italian young athletes in the Croatian setting, where they stood out in skeet (Junior class) thanks to the excellent performances of Cristian Ghilli and Sara Bongini, led by their technical manager Andrea Benelli and supported by Gemini chokes.

The young Cristian achieved a score of 119 out of 125 in the qualification round which earned him the number two dorsal. Besides the athlete of the Fiamme Oro Italian Police team won gold defeating the Cypriot Varnavides by just one target (53 out of 60). Gold medal around his neck and title attained!

Sara proved to be as good: the women competition was characterized by an absolute supremacy of the Fiamme Oro shooter, who qualified for the final round with the best score and then confirmed her performance with the final score of 47 out of 60. She also ranked first and was awarder with the European Junior Champion title.

“We are really satisfied! Reaching both the individual Junior titles is not an everyday thing”, was the comment of our National Team technical manager. We do subscribe to his point of view: seeing young Italian athletes emerge and shine, also thanks to our chokes, gives us more and more the boost to improve in order to steadily ensure excellent present and future achievements.
Our most heartfelt congratulations to Cristian and Sara, we are happy that you are part of our family!

Now it's the “adults’ turn”, once again Gemini chokes will be shoring up Diana Bacosi, Eric Delaunay and Tammaro Cassandro standing on the shooting platform.

2021 Clay target shooting Green Cup: Simeone, Tazza and Bartekovà step onto the podium!

21-05-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The eleventh edition of the Italian Open Green Cup, the international competition that is currently being held at the Tav Umbriaverde-Todi di Massa Martana Shooting Range (Province of Perugia) began in the name of Gemini. 

The Umbrian facilities will host 500 athletes from 38 different nations for the occasion. An appointment that for ten years now has been unmissable for the most important trap and skeet shooters.

Among the specialists of the latter discipline, who already took the field last weekend, the winning performances of Domenico Simeone, Giancarlo Tazza and Danka Bartekovà coming from the World Cup leg that took place in Lonato del Garda, deserve to be mentioned.

The Italian ahletes made two of a kind with the men's skeet competition. Simeone qualiefied hitting 124 targets out of 125, while Tazza finished behind by only one point. In the last phase the two athletes, both supported by Gemini however as opponents on this occasion, competed fiercely in the final round to break the decisive target. As they were still tied in the last ten shots the mistake made by Tazza proved crucial. Hence the challenge between the Fiamme Oro fellow athletes ended in a victory of Domenico Simeone by just one point ahead (57/60).

In the women’s final round our Danka Bartekovà, coached by the Italian Sandro Bellini, was crowned winner overcoming the revelation or the day Austen Smith by one single target, with a final score of 55 out of 60, which allowed her to achieve the gold medal.

As for the mixed team, the squad Italia 3 compopsed of Giancarlo Tazza and Simona Scocchetti upheld the honour of the Tricolour flag. After an excellent qualification round, the Italian pair stood on the shooting platform aware that our tough opponent wore the Stars and Stripes. Tazza was flawless from the earliest moments while his teammate committed a few mistakes. Some subsequent slip-ups of the American team seemed to rekindle the final, but immediately the Simonton-Stewart duo managed to recover and took the reins of the competition, winning gold.  Tazza and Scocchetti were thus awarded with a praiseworthy silver medal, hitting 33 targets.

Congratulations to Domenico, Giancarlo and Danka on the medals they attained, to be added to Gemini's palmarès along with those gained during the 2021 World Cup Italian stage in this month of May full of satisfactions. The best Trapshooting athletes are going to stand on the shooting platforms at Tav Umbriaverde shooting range during the upcoming competition day which will take place next weekend. Naturally Gemini won’t fail to participate in the event shoring up those adopting our chokes! 

2021 Clay target shooting World Cup (Lonato): Cassandro and Bacosi-Cainero win gold in the Team Skeet event

13-05-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

Mameli's anthem echoes twice on the third competition day of the World Cup held at Trap Concaverde in Lonato del Garda. Under the watchful eye of the president of FITAV (i.e. Italian Target Shooting Federation) Luciano Rossi and of CONI (i.e. Italian National Olympic Committee) Giovanni Malagò, the Italian athletes didn’t miss the medal and got on the pulpit even twice winning double gold in team skeet. 
Diana Bacosi, Chiara Cainero and Tammaro Cassandro, along with Gemini chokes, reach the top step of the podium.

Not even the pouring rain can stop the performances of the Italian teams. As for Women’s Skeet, the trio Bacosi-Cainero-Di Marziantonio make their intentions clear right from the qualification round where they hit 498 targets out of 525. A supremacy that is closed in the final round, where the trio proves to be the strongest in the gold medal match beating the USA represented by Amber English, Samantha Simonton and Austen Jewell Smith with a total score of 6-5.
To round out the podium Slovakia led by Danka Bartekovà, newly awarded with a bronze medal in individual skeet, and Lucia Kopcanova, both of the shooters relying on us, wins against the team from the Czech Republic composed of two further athletes who use Gemini chokes, namely Anna Sindelarova and Barbora Sumova.

In the final of the men's competition, which is held in the same afternoon and with identical weather conditions, our athlete Tammaro Cassandro stands on the shooting platform flanked by Luigi Lodde and Gabriele Rossetti. However things don’t change: after astonishingly hitting 515 out of 525 in the qualification round, they seal the deal in the gold medal match climbing onto the top stage of the podium, as they defeat the Danish trio including Jesper Hanses, Emil Kjelgaard Petersen and Mikkel Petersen.
Conversely the French team places third fielding two further athletes supported by Gemini, namely Eric Delaunay and Anthony Terras along with their teammate Emmanuel Petit, and prevails over the U.S.A..

The Italian anthem resounds in the rain besides the lively encouragement and applause of the manifold spectators who, because of the restrictions still in force, have to remotely follow this sport, which is becoming  increasingly popular and appreciated in our country. To all this we also add the constant presence of Gemini chokes in the final stages and often on the podium, accompanying all the athletes who rely upon these components on every occasion. Even such a grey day can therefore turn into something wonderful. 

Regardless of their results our heartiest congratulations to all the athletes!

2021 Clay target shooting World Cup (Lonato): Cassandro and Bartekovà win bronze in the skeet!

12-05-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

The first outcomes of the Italian leg of the 2021 World Cup have just arrived. The best athletes will compete until May 17 in the third stage of this international competition held at Trap Concaverde shooting range in Lonato del Garda, a municipality in the territory of Lake Benaco a few kilometres from the Gemini headquarters.

Tammaro Cassandro and Danka Bartekovà got to the highest steps of the podium, both placing third.
The Carabinieri Arms Officer hailing from Caserta hit a perfect 125 out of 125 during the qualification round, failing, however, to confirm the excellent performance at the crucial moment. Despite that he managed to reach the podium crumbling 45 clay targets out of 50, a result which allowed him to climb onto the third step. The Egyptian Azmy Mehelba took the victory, winning gold with 56 out of 60 and classifying ahead of the U.S. athlete Vincent Hancock, the silver medalist who broke only one less target. Conversely the Peruvian Nicholas Pacheco Espinosa, also provided with Gemini chokes, finished off the podium.
“After an excellent qualification, I expected a better round”, Cassandro said revealing a hint of bitterness. “On the other hand the satisfaction remains for climbing the podium of an international competition after the long period of stoppage imposed by Coronavirus pandemic”.

As for Women’s Skeet the skilled Danka Bartekovà placed third hitting 43 out of 50. The Slovakian, winner in the previous event in Cairo, stated she felt a lot of pressure in the final moments. Anyway, the bronze medal arrived along with her happiness for overcoming a difficult circumstance in the best way.
Two other athletes relying on our chokes missed the podium: the czech Anna Sindelarova, achieved a fourth-place finishing with a fair 35 out 40 while the italian Chiara Cainero, was only fifth with 24 out of 30, a result that she herself declares not up to her standards. 

A prestigious parterre for the final round, in which other renowned athletes didn’t manage to take part, such as the olympic and world champion Diana Bacosi, who placed seventh and Jakub Tomeček, eleventh.

Hence the first tournament event ends up with two medals for Gemini and one for Italy, on balance we feel great satisfaction  for bringing our chokes in the finals.
Besides that the presence of Giovanni and Marco Grassi is particularly worthy of note (respectively the owner of Winshoot and his son, ed.), who took the most of the competitions to meet again closely the various athletes who are part of the Gemini sports crew which is becoming more and more numerous day after day. 

2021 Clay target shooting World Cup (New Delhi): Ganemat Sekhon is the first Indian shooter to win a medal!

23-03-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

March 21, 2021 is a date that will be remembered by Ganemat Sekhon and all Indians for a long time: the first World Cup medal in Women's Skeet for this Asian land! On the platforms of New Delhi the young athlete, who relies on Gemini chokes, won the bronze and carved her name into the annals of history.  

After qualifying with a 117 out of 125, for that matter her career-best score, the 20-year-old girl took the field ready to face her competitors one shot after another in a final which proved to be of the highest level. Despite the initial pressure and tension, Sekhon gave her best, placing third with a score of 40 out of 50!
The British Amber Hill got to the top step of the podium, defeating the Kazakh Zoya Kravchenko in the shoot off. The result of the other Indian athlete Karttiki Singh Shaktawat, placing fourth with a score of 32 out of 40 is also worth mentioning.

I’m thrilled as I’ve realized this is a historic medal for my country on the side” - said the athlete availing herself of the Gemini chokes after the challenge. - “I have been training a lot for this competition and my aim was to reach the final for the first time against the top athletes … it is truly a huge satisfaction to climb the podium on the first attempt.” 

The athlete is no stranger to cutting a dash when it comes to world competitions: what is more she was the first Indian skeet shooter to win a 2018 ISSF Junior World Cup medal, attaining a further remarkable bronze.
Notwithstanding the class change and the stress due to the competition against the greatest athletes of this sport, Sekhon achieved India reaching the podium once again!

Thanks to our chokes the Gemini team boasts a central role alike on such a day that will remain etched for a long time in Indian sport. Congratulations to our young shooter on her success, we are proud to be by your side at all times and to have welcomed you into our big family!

2021 Clay target shooting World Cup (Cairo): Czech Republic and India skeet teams step onto the podium!

01-03-2021 | Winshoot s.r.l.

It’ s a heavy medal deluge for the shooters flanked by Gemini who are currently facing the first edition of the Clay target shooting World Cup. The best skeet and trap performers from around the world are competing on the Egyptian platforms in Cairo during the opening event of a long season that will culminate in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, all this in compliance with the fundamental safety measures for the success of such important contests.

Today we mention Jakub Tomeček and Barbora Sumova for the Czech Republic along with Mairaj Ahmed Khan, Angad Vir Singh Bajwa and Gurjoat Khangura for India, representing the respective nations in the competition and bringing the Gemini chokes onto the Egyptian podium.

Both Czech athletes attained the silver medal in the skeet team championship.
The women's team fielding our Barbora Sumova, Anna Sindelarova and Martina Skalicka, despite the excellent qualification round of the previous day which saw them as undisputed winners, didn’t manage to match such feat finishing second by the score of 6-2 against Russia.
The same fate befell the trio composed of Jakub Tomeček, Milos Slavicek and Tomas Nydrie, second only to the Russian team and beaten in the final by the score of 6-0. A double second place that gives satisfaction, motivation and encourages us to continue along this line, always doing our best!