14 October 2022 by Team Gemini

2022 Clay Target Shooting World Championships: gold, silver and bronze

The closing leg of the 2022 Shooting World Championship, which livened up the platforms in Osijek (Croatia) day after day over the past few weeks, saw the team skeet competitions. Indeed it was a final full of joy for our shooters who, in the challenges valid for the title achieved gold, silver and bronze.  

Tammaro Cassandro and Gabriele Rossetti, managed to climb onto the highest step of the podium thanks to our skeet chokes, along with Elia Sdruccioli completing the trio. After placing second in the qualification round with a score of 219/225 (+19), the Italians confronted the Americans in the final (Vincent Hancock, Dustan Taylor and Christian Elliott).
Despite immediately taking the lead, the three athletes wearing the italian vest suffered a comeback. In the medal match the team which showed itself best in being in control and maintaining concentration prevailed: Italy thus triumphed by +12 to +11 and rose to the top of the world.
To complete the podium another shooter (and champion) relying on our chokes: Jakub Tomecek who, representing the Czech Republic, gained the bronze medal.

As for women’s event the performance of our shooters Diana Bacosi and Chiara Cainero, teamed with Chiara Di Marziatonio was no less, fact is that they proved skilled in winning an excellent silver. Like their fellow countrymen, the three athletes finished second in the qualification round with a score of 211 out of 225. In the challenge valid for the top spot of the podium, still against the United States (Austen Jewell Smith, Dania Jo Vizzi and Samantha Simonton), the Italians finished second suffering a 6 to 0 sweep. 

The 2022 World Shooting Championships also come to an end, where once again our chokes allowed to make a difference on the competition fields. To those who wore a medal around their neck, to those who almost reached the culmination of their dream or who hoped to do better: always remember that Gemini is by your side in every situation. Hooray for our athletes, hooray for our Family!  

The last event will take place in Cairo (Egypt), where the President Cup is scheduled from 28 November to 4 December.