For it has been conducting its business since 2006 as contractor providing services to all the major arms factories in Brescia, the Gemini brand becomes well-established in 2010 thanks to Giovanni Grassi, founding partner.

In a short time the company gets acknowledged within its sector at national and international level, reaching a remarkable reputation bestowed by the experts.

The manufactured choke tubes turn out to be chosen by internationally renowned shooters collecting achievements and medals in the long course of their competitions. Not the half of it, hunting items boast reliability meanwhile ensuring essential performances: hunting enthusiasts’ loyalty increases steadily.


Gemini boasts in its catalogue over 1.200 interchangeable choke tubes, available in several materials, dimensions, finishes and brands. A limitless range of choice, furthermore including products devised for shotguns no longer present on the market; great attention is dedicated to the sport shooting industry, enshrining all the relevant disciplines (trap, double trap, skeet, sporting, electrocibles).

Gemini’s success lies in its accuracy in selecting materials, details refinement, in the conception of performance and perfect structure of the final piece. Manifold trials, in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Lapses and lapses, so that you shall be committing none.

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